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August 2016 Update


Image generation is now working again. We sorted out the issue on the image server and it should now be working. If you've got a stuck pet or some other glitch, try reporting it on the forums in it's own thread in the bugs section.

A quick update: we are now waiting for all the art on the site to be revamped. In the mean time, we'll be doing updates to the site features to make them more usable and add more content to the site. Unfortunately I don't have a time table for when the artists will complete all the new art, but it's a huge undertaking so I for now I wouldn't expect the site to be opening any time soon.

I'll be on the site every week working on new content and improving the site, so if you've got some ideas on how to improve an area of the site, let us know!

Posted on 6th August 2016 12:04


New Testing Round Begins!

Thank you for all being so very patient! This new round of testing is now live, and you can begin to create pets again.

During this round of testing, we are attempting to first and foremost make sure pet creation works well. We want to iron out many of the bugs and make improvements to the creation process. This will be our main priority, but if we get time, we will also look at other areas of the site.

We have enabled Territories again too, and Battling. Some changes have been made to these already, albeit small, so check them out. We will be making tweaks and changes to these systems too, so let us know your suggestions in the forums.

If any bug or issues crop up that cause systems to break, please be patient and I'll try to fix them as soon as I get online. Hopefully this testing phase can last around 2 weeks and we can then gather up your useful feedback and begin making more improvements. The last testing round we got so many good ideas and suggestions, so I hope for the same again.



Posted on 4th April 2016 07:10


Pet Wipe

Hi everyone! In the next month or so, we will be performing a site-wide pet wipe. This is to prepare for a new testing phase to do with image generation. If you have any pet images you'd like to keep, nows the time to save them.

I'll give you more updates when I get them.



Posted on 2nd March 2016 09:35


Art Staff Openings

Clanheart has some art staff openings. Please send all applications to

Avatar Artist
Do you like making avatars like ?
Then this job is for you! Please include a sample avatar in your application, along with your name, e-mail address, desired payment per avatar, productivity per week, and age.

Dye Artist
A dye artist takes one design and applies it to all four bases of a species. If you are interested in becoming a dye artist, please include a sample dye (just one image, not four), along with your name, e-mail address, desired payment per set of four dye images (payment for a whole species dye), productivity per week, and age.

Development Status: The territory revamp is progressing. Remember that all progress is linked from the territory revamp thread, and that the alpha ping group is given updates whenever additional progress is made on the revamp. When we finish with that, we will be instructing our alpha testers to engage with the newly revamped feature.

After we have determined that territory is developed to satisfaction, we will be working on adjusting other programming around the website. Clanheart is not a website that is going to be rushed. We are taking our time with adjusting game elements to ensure an enjoyable experience come game launch. Between our desire to continue fixing up the game and improve some of our artwork in the meantime, we do not expect that our Kickstarter will launch before March or April 2016.

In other news, our familiar revamp has reached completion recently and we are very pleased with the results.

Posted on 22nd November 2015 07:50


Territory Revamp

Our focus for the near future has been and is going to be the Territory Revamp. Please be sure to follow the thread and join the Alpha ping group so you can give your feedback on the revamp. We want to make sure that the territory game is fun for all players, casual and competitive, as it is the heart of the game.

After the territory revamp has completed, we will continue resuming adjustments on other parts of the site. As alpha testers, please direct your main focus to thinking about ways to improve territory, reading over the thread to see how the changes will affect the game, and think about battle as well... battle is very important to territory!

Posted on 27th October 2015 09:34


Alpha Testing

Alpha testing of the game has resumed. Remember that alpha testing is about finding bugs and getting them fixed - you will not be having a complete game experience during alpha testing. If you don't like bugs or things acting wacky or unbalanced, please return when the game has launched fully after its fundraiser.

Information for Alpha Testers
- Post all bug reports in the Technical Support forum so the programmer can address them. Do not send them to the Clanheart blog. Do not send them to our "Contact Support." Technical Support forum only.

- Be sure to read the sticky threads in the technical support forum especially regarding how to write a bug report.

- Follow the ~Alpha Ping Group (Community -> Groups)

- We also need help with balancing loot finding rates. While you play the territory game, keep an eye on how easy/hard it is to find certain items or familiars. They should be moderate difficulty to obtain - not too easy but not too hard.

- Be advised that Clanheart Staff is not on 24/7. We tend to work on the game for about four to five hours a day on weekdays only. Your technical support post might not be addressed immediately and there is no need to panic about that.

- Game content may be reset multiple times throughout alpha (including alphas, familiars, territory spots, etc) while we work out bugs. The ~Alpha ping group will keep you informed as to changes the programmer makes.

Have fun breaking things, and thanks for your help!

Posted on 8th September 2015 06:27


Development Updates August 10th

It appears we're still in pre-alpha after the catastrophic attempt at launch. The game was expected to have a maximum of about 100 players online for launch and instead a zero was tacked on with 1,000 players ready to play alpha.

The amount of server power needed to power a browser-based game with that many online players was beyond what we had prepared for, and thus we have been busy trying to split our amenities (image generation) onto another server and tying the two together. This is normally something a game would do after having run a Kickstarter and generated the funds to pay for two servers.

There is currently no estimate for when alpha will be available to play but you may check the status of Clanheart's server at any time by visiting


Fixed Forum View Post issue
Expanded SB Posts to 10
Profile Icons now display correctly
Old Server has been shut down
Fixed Subscriber Issue Error when replying to forum posts
Maintenance Mode now allows admins to access the features
Added character limit to SB
Improved Shop UI
Added Unlock Avatar to Shop Items in Admin Panel
Added Unlock Avatar to Edit Shop items in Admin Panel
Avatars can now be unlocked when purchasing items from Shops
Added Stalls to Shops page
Added All Clan Stories
Fixed Images for Registration Page
Fixed User Avatars Issue
Fixed Send Reply Message
Fixed Frontpage Issue which was using a really slow query that caused big delays
Fixed up some layout issues to try and help speed up site layout
Fixed issue with Forums being displayed when logged out
Setup ImageGen Server (
Implemented Image Generation script on ImageGen Server
Copied all pet images over to ImageGen Server
Created new class to handle Image Generation to new server
Using CURL to send process of image generation to ImageGen server
Multiplayer Alpha Creation Setting Up Image Process
Pet Generation Requests only made when clicking Preview Button
Added Loading Icon to show when request is made
Generate Successful Preview of Alpha Pet

Posted on 10th August 2015 12:41


Alpha Testing and You

As we approach alpha testing's beginning, please keep in mind that when the countdown hits zero and we start working to switch the site over to alpha mode, you will no longer be able to work toward earning the Pre-Alpha content. That means you have a little over twelve hours to keep working (as well as to register for Clanheart if you haven't done so already!).

Yesterday you noticed that we switched servers to handle the traffic that alpha testing will bring in. Due to the programmer being on vacation and myself not being a programmer, this caused a "split server" issue where some players accessed the old server and continued posting there, and some were able to access the new server (this one!) and post here. I'm sad to announce that we cannot recover the posts or post count from the old server. But you've received a twelve hour extension to continue earning pre-alpha content, so post to your heart's content during this period!

Next, a common question: accounts will automatically have all the content unlocked to them when alpha testing begins. This means that you won't have to re-register (as it'll be closed anyway) to experience alpha testing. As long as you are registered, you are good to go! After alpha testing has completed, we will be deleting all the accounts in preparation for launch, so please make sure that your user settings reflects an e-mail address that works and can receive your pre-alpha claim code. The claim code sent to your e-mail address will allow you to claim the pre-alpha vista, forum icon, and forum avatar, provided you earned the 200 Posts required for them. These claim codes will be sent sometime after the end of alpha, but likely before the beginning of the kickstarter.

Finally, some things to keep in mind: a game in alpha testing is not going to be like a game that's been polished and ready to launch. Things will probably be wonky, there will definitely be bugs, and we need our alpha testers to help us locate them so we can fix them. If you dislike seeing bugs or encountering lag (another inevitable part of testing periods) then alpha testing might not be for you, and you may want to come back after Clanheart is ready to launch in December.

Another thing we'd like our alpha testers to consider is how easy or hard the game has been set up to be - when you're playing the territory game, especially. Earning currency and making your way through the game should be in the Goldilocks zone - not too easy, but not too hard. Does that make sense? Players can help us by giving feedback if something seems way too easy, or if it seems way too hard. We want our players to put in a good amount of effort to earn what they get on Clanheart, but not to the point where it feels like it's impossible to reach your goals.

Here's a little cheat sheet for you while we're moving into alpha:
- The Territory Game is where you obtain craftable items, herbs, prey, and water.
- Backgrounds are crafted through the Crafting tab.
- Accessories/Decorations are obtained through Territory Game battling (called Clan Loot).
- Familiars are earned, randomly, through the territory game.
- The major species Vistas can be found in the Stalls and require ClanDust, the currency of Single Player Mode.
- The species dyes can be found in the Shops, and require StarDust, the currency of MultiPlayer Mode.
- The marketplace will be open for you to submit dyes and accessories and experiment with buying the dyes and accessories of other players. Be sure to save them for launch in December.
- Additional clan members can be gained through the Territory Game, or you can purchase them from other players if you are using MultiPlayer.
- If you (for some reason) purchase Rainbow Seeds during alpha testing, your Rainbow Seed purchase will be credited to your final account in December as well.
- Forum icons can be obtained through crafting and from the shops.
- Guilds are functional, and we will be seeing one Clan War during alpha testing. A Clan War is determined by how many clan members are sent on missions for Sol and Lune during one month. The Guild that sends the highest number of clan members wins the Clan Wars Vista for the next month.
- Missions is kind of ugly right now because our head artist did not complete the god profile headshots for alpha (and this will require us to find a new artist to make them), but it is functional.
- The difference between the Artist Marketplace and Shop Wearables is that the Artist Marketplace is where you post your "master" copies of dyes and accessories for sale. Singles that have been bought through the artist marketplace can then be resold in "Shop Wearables" along with official dyes and accessories.
- Your Gallery is where wearables are stored. Be advised that you can have an unlimited number of official game wearables, but that user-made wearables cost a small amount of Rainbow Seeds to unlock. You get some free with every account.

That should be it! One last thing, regarding multiple accounts: yes, you are allowed to register as many as you want. Please bear in mind, however, that multiple accounts should not interact with each other. They should not send each other anything or make trades with each other. Think of them like independent islands. You are always permitted to move Rainbow Seeds between accounts, however.

See you in alpha!

Posted on 2nd August 2015 01:30


Go Easy on the Spamming

Our formal pre-alpha TOS has a rule against spamming, but for the most part we didn't mind you playing forum games and posting short messages to help raise your post count for the pre-alpha content. But the heavy posting in spam threads really needs to stop. It's having a very negative effect on the website.

Talk to other players in the forum threads, discuss things that you enjoy and want to share with others, talk about your future clan. Just no more blatant spamming, please - it's making it impossible for me to add the content necessary to launch alpha testing!

Posted on 31st July 2015 01:21



Hey guys, a few weeks back we were having a lot of issues with error pages popping up when too many players were online. I've noticed we've been getting more and more people online in anticipation for alpha. Have you guys encountered any of those pages popping up/site going down anymore?

(If you haven't had this issue, glad to see our memory changes have made an improvement on the game's performance! We definitely don't want a bottleneck to happen during alpha, or worse, during launch!)

Posted on 25th July 2015 11:29