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Rules - Created on 16th April 2015
Behold! Our Privacy Policy:

Clanheart values your privacy. We collect only what is necessary to maintain your account and ensure excellent customer service: username, password (securely hashed), gender, e-mail, name, date of birth, IP address. We use cookies and sessions to identify your computer to the Clanheart website when you choose to login.

Only in very rare situations would we disclose any information made available to us. Those situations are as follows: to comply with laws of the United States, to comply with police information requests, to defend ourselves against chargebacks or fraud, and to other virtual pet site owners in the event that a player is found scamming, hacking, utilizing programs, or committing other illegal activity that could endanger another site or its players.

We use Google AdSense to serve advertisements. These advertisements exist to provide funds to further develop Clanheart and continue making it fun for players. Google has a privacy document here, and you can read more about Google's advertisement cookies here.