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Terms of Service (Pre-Alpha)
Rules - Created on 16th April 2015
Clanheart is an online game in development. You are registering to access the Temporary Pre-Alpha Forums.


We make use of cookies to serve this website to you. You may read our Privacy Policy by clicking here. We might contact you through email if you earn the Pre-Alpha forum vista, in the event that your account is removed for violation of these terms, or to inform you of Clanheart milestones, such as alpha registration.


Please note that the account you are registering will be deleted at the start of alpha, along with any posts you make. Be sure to save any posts you want to keep - we'll be doing the same thing too!


Our forum rules are:


- be kind and respectful to everyone. Fighting and being rude is not allowed.

- do not post any illegal content, including but not limited to sexual content, hacked programs, illegal free movie or tv websites

- do not infringe the copyrights or trademarks of others

- do not spam, defined as posting multiple short messages for post count. Please do not post spammy "forum games."


Our legal terms:


- understand that we are not responsible for the content that other users post. You may report posts that break these rules by contacting an online staff member or mailing

- any suggestions submitted for Clanheart you permit us to use and develop without restriction or payment due to you

- you authorize us to store and display any content submitted to our servers in a non- exclusive, perpetual license without payment due to you

- Clanheart staff reserve the right to deny access to our website to anyone at any time for any reason 

- All Clanheart coding and images are copyright 2013-2015. You may display our content for personal, non-commercial reasons, provided you put a link to Clanheart as credit.