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August 2016 Update

Posted by CHP on 6th August 2016 12:04


Image generation is now working again. We sorted out the issue on the image server and it should now be working. If you've got a stuck pet or some other glitch, try reporting it on the forums in it's own thread in the bugs section.

A quick up ...

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New Testing Round Begins!

Posted by CHP on 4th April 2016 07:10

Thank you for all being so very patient! This new round of testing is now live, and you can begin to create pets again.

During this round of testing, we are attempting to first and foremost make sure pet creation works well. We want to iron out many of ...

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Pet Wipe

Posted by CHP on 2nd March 2016 09:35

Hi everyone! In the next month or so, we will be performing a site-wide pet wipe. This is to prepare for a new testing phase to do with image generation. If you have any pet images you'd like to keep, nows the time to save them.

I'll give you more upda ...

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Art Staff Openings

Posted by ClanStaff on 22nd November 2015 07:50

Clanheart has some art staff openings. Please send all applications to

Avatar Artist
Do you like making avatars like ?
Then this job is for you! Please include a sample avatar in your application, along with your name, e-mail ad ...

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Territory Revamp

Posted by ClanStaff on 27th October 2015 09:34

Our focus for the near future has been and is going to be the Territory Revamp. Please be sure to follow the thread and join the Alpha ping group so you can give your feedback on the revamp. We want to make sure that the territory game is fun for all play ...

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Alpha Testing

Posted by ClanStaff on 8th September 2015 06:27

Alpha testing of the game has resumed. Remember that alpha testing is about finding bugs and getting them fixed - you will not be having a complete game experience during alpha testing. If you don't like bugs or things acting wacky or unbalanced, please r ...

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Development Updates August 10th

Posted by ClanStaff on 10th August 2015 12:41

It appears we're still in pre-alpha after the catastrophic attempt at launch. The game was expected to have a maximum of about 100 players online for launch and instead a zero was tacked on with 1,000 players ready to play alpha.

The amount of server ...

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Alpha Testing and You

Posted by ClanStaff on 2nd August 2015 01:30

As we approach alpha testing's beginning, please keep in mind that when the countdown hits zero and we start working to switch the site over to alpha mode, you will no longer be able to work toward earning the Pre-Alpha content. That means you have a litt ...

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Go Easy on the Spamming

Posted by ClanStaff on 31st July 2015 01:21

Our formal pre-alpha TOS has a rule against spamming, but for the most part we didn't mind you playing forum games and posting short messages to help raise your post count for the pre-alpha content. But the heavy posting in spam threads really needs to st ...

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Posted by ClanStaff on 25th July 2015 11:29

Hey guys, a few weeks back we were having a lot of issues with error pages popping up when too many players were online. I've noticed we've been getting more and more people online in anticipation for alpha. Have you guys encountered any of those pages po ...

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Site Status

Image Server: Checking ...


6th August 2016 12:04

Image generation server is now back online!


4th April 2016 07:11

New round of testing begins!


2nd February 2016 09:27

Territory Alpha is now over :) Onto the next!


18th January 2016 10:51

Territories Version 2.0 Alpha test is now live for 2 weeks. Please use the forums to let us know what you think :)


22nd September 2015 08:57

Currently working on revamping breeding; there may be a few bugs with it in the next day or so


16th September 2015 11:55

Working on fixing bugs. Image Generation should be working now :)


11th September 2015 06:07

A problem with image generation not being sent to the right hard drive will be fixed when CHP comes on.


11th September 2015 03:08

Server is going down to add new hardware shortly.


10th September 2015 01:48

The hard drive won't be installed until about 4 hours from now, so the site won't be out of maintenance for a bit longer. Apologies :)


10th September 2015 12:42

We will be adding a new hard drive. To do this, the server needs to be powered down for 15-45 minutes, so the site will go offline for a moment.

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